Meet Anthony

Anthony is an elementary school teacher and principal who grew up in Sandy. He's spent his entire career fighting for Utah kids, and he knows better than anyone what our students need. After working for years in the Salt Lake City School District, he founded the Wallace Stegner Academy, a high performing, non-profit, charter school designed to prepare low-income kids for college.

Utah faces many hurdles such as air pollution, affordable health care, and an education system that is being starved of the basic funding our students need. As a pragmatic leader, Anthony will look for solutions and build partnerships to tackle these problems head on. 

Anthony lives with his wife, Laura, and two-year old daughter, Addie. They love to hike the Wasatch Mountains, and they love to travel. 

We Can Do Better


Utah cannot build a 21st century economy without an innovative and fully funded education system. 

Clean Air

Our air quality is a public health emergency. We need pragmatic solutions.


Action must be taken now for affordable healthcare

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Let's do what's right for Utah kids

Anthony is in the trenches of our education system every day. He works long hours, and weekends. As an educator, he knows what state our education system is in, and it doesn't look pretty. 

Utah's education system ranks 33rd in the nation! We are a state that values kids and families, but our values are not being reflected by our current legislature. 

Let's put politics aside and do what's right for Utah kids. Let's allow our teachers to innovate. Let's give them the resources they need. Let's watch our students flourish! 

21st Century Economies are Built by an Educated Workforce

As a classroom teacher and school principal, Anthony knows better than anyone what it's going to take to make Utah the number one education state. Here are Anthony's priorities:

  • Restore funding to our K-12 system
  • Encourage innovation 
  • Reduce wasteful spending
  • Allow teachers to be professionals 
  • Make Utah's colleges affordable for every student 

Air Quality

Public Health Emergency

All Utahns have a right to breath clean air. We've seen numerous studies that show the dramatic health effects of breathing polluted air. This is no less than a public health emergency. 

Anthony will bring pragmatic and bold solutions to the table. Such as converting coal fired power plants to natural gas, updating our aging air quality monitoring systems, investing in smarter transit infrastructures, and creating incentives for electric cars and solar electricity. 


Affordable Health Care

Creating affordable healthcare isn't just the right thing to do. It's also the fiscally responsible thing to do. Here are Anthony's priorities on healthcare:

  • Accept federal funding to expand Medicaid for 100,000 low-income workers.
  • Take action to control our skyrocketing costs. We've all seen hospital bills that charge $26 for a tablet of Aspirin. Enough is enough.